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Dead Volume

Dead Volume

Alternate Titles: Volume Morto

Suspense, Thriller | Portuguese | 80 minutes

보병 중대

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캐스트 & 크루


Kauê Telloli


Kauê Telloli, Gabriel Alvim, Bruno Autran


Kauê Telloli


Fernanda Vasconcellos, Júlia Rabello, Daniel Infantini, Fernanda Viacava



A gripping thriller, considered the “most controversial” movie at the BSB Festival. A teacher tries to solve the strange case of Gustavo, her young student, whose nickname at school is Dead Volume. But Gustavo’s behavior is different when he is at home than the one when he is at school and his parents decide to analyze the case. While the teacher and the parents try to solve the mistery, the tense atmosphere increases until and the teacher becomes the main suspect – and the father decides to tight her up to a chair. A film that leaves the audience debating the end and what you would have done in the characters place.

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