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Ella Bella Bingo

Ella Bella Bingo

Animation, Family | English, Norwegian | 75 minutes

보병 중대

Studio 100 Film GmbH

캐스트 & 크루


Atle Blakseth, Frank Mosvold


Frank Mosvold, Torgeir Sanders


Rob Sprackling, Johnny Smith, Frank Mosvold


Ninni Spone, Summer Fontana, Jack Fisher, Richard Kind, Benjamin Plessala, Tress MacNeille, Fred Tatasciore



Ella Bella Bingo is organizing a circus for her very best friend, Henry, as he has never been to a circus before. She is very excited and looks forward to being the main attraction showing everyone her fantastic magic trick: She is going to make Henry disappear. But on the very day of the circus cool kid Johnny moves into the neighborhood and he wants to do a bicycle stunt together with Henry. Henry is full of awe for this new boy, while Ella Bella feels she is losing her best friend. Then Johnny offers Henry even a new bike. Ella Bella cannot take it anymore and forces Henry to choose between Johnny and her. Henry does not want to hurt anyone and runs off. Now Ella Bella has to go on a search with her very enemy, Johnny. Together they have to find Henry. She has to save the circus, but most of all her friendship. The movie is a road trip, where three kids learn the real magic of friendship.

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