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Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

Comedy, Drama | Korean

보병 중대

K-Movie Entertainment

캐스트 & 크루


Seung-jun Lee


Jeong-Hwa Uhm, Sae-Byeok Song, Min-Ah Bang


Ji-hye(UHM Jung-hwa) is a once-successful and beautiful swindler, who recently begins failing with her cons and dreams of changing her small-job life. Before her retirement, she decides to take on one last job which could change her whole life: seducing the son(SONG Sae-byeok) of a wealthy art broker family to steal the golden treasure hidden in their secret mansion. With the help of her daughter Ju-young(BANG Min-ah), she succeeds in earning the trust of the family but it turns out to be a never ending battle. Can Ji-hye and Ju-young find the legendary treasure and start a new life?

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