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On The Edge

On The Edge

Action/Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family | English | 75 minutes

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Studio 100 Film GmbH


Donnie is a Cuban Solenodon who has a dream. He dreams of a day when humans just give him, his species and all endangered animals on the edge of extinction enough space on this planet to exist! Our Donnie has only 200 surviving relatives. Once they’re gone, there will be zero trace of Donnie or his ancestors…just fading memories. Donnie’s not down for that. He gathers up five new friends, all of them endangered: VY an Aye-Aye from Madagascar, NAZ a Purple Frog from India, PANIC a Pangolin from Africa, ROMAN a Greater Funnel-eared Bat from Jamaica, and KIKI a Kakapo from New Zealand.

They all head out on a mission: converge on the International Endangered Wildlife Convention in India where the humans will be honoring PENG THE PANDA again. Peng always gets all the press attention. Donnie has had it! Donnie births a wild idea that if they can just kidnap Peng and replace him on stage, then they will get the humans to give them the attention they deserve. Maybe Donnie and his pals are not the cutest or most photogenic but that doesn’t mean they are less endangered than a cute panda.

But when a mysterious animal villain undermines the mission, Donnie’s dream is seriously threatened… as are the lives of our heroes.

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