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On the Edge

On the Edge

Drama | Russian

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캐스트 & 크루


Eduard Bordukov


Mikhail Degtyar, Elena Glikman



The world's top saber fencer, Alexandra Pokrovskaya, is famous, rich, and happy too. Just one feat stands between her and the history books - taking Olympic gold. One feat, and one opponent - nineteen-year-old Kira Yegorova, a small-town girl who just conquered Moscow overnight. Kira is winning every competition out there, and featuring on the cover of every glossy magazine as she goes. Her goal is to take Pokrovskaya's place.

A desperate battle begins - not only at the tournaments, but outside them as well. With both hell-bent on victory, it seems nothing can hold them back. As the world watches their gleaming blades dance with bated breath, one thing becomes clear: this furious showdown has already gone too far.

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