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Princess Emmy - The Movie

Princess Emmy - The Movie

Animation, Family | English | 75 minutes

보병 중대

Studio 100 Film GmbH

캐스트 & 크루


Piet de Rycker


Thorsten Wegener, Ulli Stoef, Ken Anderson, Jörn Radel, Noel Swinnen


Piet de Rycker, Sergio Casci


Ruby Barnhill, John Hannah, Franka Potente, Bella Ramsey, Tim McInnerny



Eight-year old Princess Emmy von Kandis keeps a magic secret. She can talk to horses. On the designated Princess-Day she is supposed to become a full member of the Royal Society. Her self-confidence gets a damper, when she finds out that her cousin Gizana of the same age will be appointed to be a Princess at that same time. For Gizana is extremely perfect in everything she does.
Emmy is so much involved in keeping her secret, that she does not take her joint lessons serious enough. As a punishment the Princess-Day gets cancelled. A fight emerges between the two after which Gizana gets into great danger. In order to save her, Emmy undertakes everything, including risking her own life.

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