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Thriller | English

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Arclight Films

캐스트 & 크루


Alan White


Brian R. Etting


Luke Davies


John Cusack, Ryan Phillippe, Jacki Weaver



RECLAIMis a story of shocking twists and turns that follow an American couple who travel to Puerto Rico to finalize the adoption of their new seven-year-old daughter, a Haitian orphan named Nina. Charmed by the picturesque island and eager to bond with their new daughter, STEVEN (Ryan Phillippe) and SHANNON (Rachelle Lefevre) take advantage of their time in Puerto Rico to explore the idyllic coast and see the sights as a family, confident they are just days from returning home to begin their new lives together. Events take an alarming turn, however, when Steven clashes with an intimidating local (John Cusack) and things go from strange to absolutely terrifying when Nina disappears from her room one night.

Despite frantic efforts to recover their daughter, the young couple hits roadblock after roadblock and becomes increasingly desperate once their trusted connection from the adoption agency (Jacki Weaver), also goes missing. As the couple find themselves further entwined in a perplexing web of lies and confusion, their own relationship begins to unravel and things take an even more startling turn toward
the unexpected.

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