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Rocca Changes The World

Rocca Changes The World

Alternate Titles: Rocca verändert die Welt

Childrens, Family | German | 101 minutes

보병 중대

Beta Cinema

캐스트 & 크루


Katja Benrath


Tobias Rosen


Hilly Martinek


Luna Maxeiner, Fahri Yardim, Barbara Sukowa, Mina Tander, Michael Maertens, Cordula Stratmann, Detlev Buck


Brave, funny, and one of a kind: that's Rocca. Rocca is elven years old and lives a rather unique life. While her dad is watching over her as an astronaut from outer space, Rocca lives alone with her squirrel and is attending a normal school for the first time in her life. At school her carefree and non-conformist way of life instantly stands out. She fearlessly confronts the class bullies, because first and foremost Rocca stands up for justice. That's why she makes friends with the homeless Caspar and tries to help him. All the while she is also attempting to win over her grandmother's heart.

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