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The Ice Demon

The Ice Demon

Horror | Russian

보병 중대

Central Partnership Sales House

캐스트 & 크루


Ivan Kapitonov


Alena Akimova, Vadim Vereschagin, Rafael Minasbekyan, Ivan Kapitonov, Svyatoslav Podgaevskii


Ksyusha barely remembers her father: he went missing when she was a child. Incredibly, he is showing signs of life, despite being in a coma. The man is returned home in this condition. His wife has now remarried. The family is thrown into disarray by the return of the former master of the house – terrifying things are happening in the house, and Ksyusha’s mom starts acting weird… Ksyusha begins to suspect that something supernatural, icy, and lifeless has come home with her father. And now Ksyusha and her stepfather are about to find themselves protecting their family from a demon.

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