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The Old Man Movie

The Old Man Movie

Alternate Titles: Vanamehe Film

Animation | Estonian | 88 minutes

보병 중대


캐스트 & 크루


Mikk Mägi, Oskar Lehemaa


Veiko Esken, Erik Heinsalu, Mikk Mägi, Tanel Tatter



The Old Man’s grandkids have been dropped off at his farm for their summer holidays. Determined to show them the simple beauty of country living, he ends up working them like slaves, only to have the little bastards accidentally set loose his prized and thoroughly abused cow. Now the Old Man and his grandkids have just 24 hours to find the rogue bovine, before her un-milked udder explodes and unleashes lactopalypse, or before the mysterious Milk Man lethally disarms her. On their epic journey, our multi-generational heroes must face festival hippies, forest creeps, sawmill workers and other dangers commonly found in the Estonian countryside.

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