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Big Trouble in Little Quartzsite

Big Trouble in Little Quartzsite

Documentary | English | 106 minutes

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Cyle O'Donnell


Vira Smith, Garret Patton

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Just ten years after the conviction of its mayor on murder conspiracy charges, millions of dollars in city revenue is missing. Any residents who ask questions are falsely jailed by the police chief on the orders of Town Hall, forcing the story onto the pages of Orwellian prophecy. A sergeant loyal to his oath, and a new mayor pushing for answers, fight independently but for the same goal – to uncover the truth. The cops mutiny the chief and are fired for speaking out. Under armed guard, the council holds a closed-door meeting to oust the mayor, declare Martial Law, and turn over complete power to the chief who's busy jailing local newspaper reporters to cover up allegations of drug cartel extortion.

The residents sue, the mayor pleads for state assistance, and activists are arrested at council meetings for decrying unjust taxes and unconstitutional statutes. In the midst of chaos, the outcry reaches America’s media and attracts an armed march on Town Hall, made even more raucous by the presence of the Oath Keepers. And when the dust settles, the residents are left to pick up the pieces of an embattled town. But what happened to the money?

With a nation still wrenching in turmoil from corruption and scandal that climbs all the way to the top, this town’s short but fiery history sets the stage for a modern day western as incendiary as the setting sun, illuminating the dark underbelly of dirty politics, unchecked power and out of control policing.

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