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Blue Light

AFM 2024 Screening Schedule

Laemmle Monica Film Center 2
out.. 31 - 11:30 am

Blue Light

Horror | English | 109 minutes

A Firma

Film Mode Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Andy Fickman


Todd Slater


Andy Fickman


Bella DeLong, Amber Janea

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O Sumário

From the director of RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN, and the producer that brought you ANACONDA, comes a brand new horror based on true and terrifying unexplained events. BLUE LIGHT follows a group of friends on a road trip from hell when their RV breaks down on an isolated road with no cell service. They soon realize there is something eerie and unworldly hiding in the woods, threatening their lives and belief in the supernatural. This most unequipped group of friends, used to having everything solved by a quick text or social media, must now find the courage to fight, survive, and stay out of the Blue Light.

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