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Central Park Dark

Central Park Dark

Horror, Thriller | English | 81 minutes

A Firma

High Octane Pictures

Elenco e Tripulação


Cybil Lake


Phil Newsom


Cybil Lake


Tom Sizemore, Cybil Lake, Margaret Reed, Lily Peterson, Sebastian Buczyk, Al Nazemian, Ingrid Raison, Samuel Shurtleff, Roger Rathburn, Shawthel Stephenson, John Mensah, Nikole Marone, Ash Horne, Damen Corrado, Anthony Coppola, Addie Seiler

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O Sumário

Thomas, an alcoholic, married doctor has a one-night stand with Nina, an unstable woman, who jumps out of his window, then begins to torment him, though it's unclear if she’s alive or not. Appearing in his dreams, Nina lets him in on a secret about the long history of dark forces in Central Park. Through a series of ancient rituals, Nina takes revenge on Thomas. As he struggles to return to his normal life, a descent into darkness ensues.

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