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Horror | English

A Firma

Signature Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Sébastian Blanc


Alessio Di Naro, Davide Marangoni


Tobi King Bakare, Steve Oram

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O Sumário

After waking from a year-long coma, a young man is horrified to discover that his missing mother maybe a victim of his father's grotesque experiments.

William, a young and insecure man, wakes up from a coma to find his controlling father, Richard, watching over him, while his beloved mother, Amelia, is nowhere to be seen. As he returns home, he sets on a mission to see and talk to Amelia, but she seems to be constantly avoiding him. As he tries to find out the truth about what happened to his mother, the real consequences of his past actions start to unravel, soon revealing a horrifying and dark truth – forcing William to take one of the most difficult decisions of his life.

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