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Action/Adventure, Thriller | English | 82 minutes

A Firma

Signature Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


David Beton


Lucinda Rhodes Thakrar, Jeet Thakrar


Stephen Moyer, Colm Meaney

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O Sumário

One church. One priest. A wounded man and his loaded gun. This film is an intense-thriller played in real time during one fateful night where a vengeful confession must take place.

It’s night time, late. Father Peter is saying a final prayer and locking up when the church’s main doors burst open: Victor Strong (Stephen Moyer, True Blood) runs in clutching his stomach as blood pours out of his gunshot wound… Gun to his head, Fr Peter is forced to shut the lock the church and listen to a dying man’s confession which will bring up a past he had forgotten.

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