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Die to Born: The life of the Peshmerga Mustafa Barzani

Die to Born: The life of the Peshmerga Mustafa Barzani

Biography, Documentary | English | 52 minutes

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Luca Trovellesi Cesana


Sydonia Production


Claudio Centioni

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Mossul, North Iraq, 1903. A child is imprisoned with his mother because of his etnical belonging.
This is the beginning of the long and brave path of Mustafa Barzani, the peshmerga who gave all his life to the birth of the Kurdish State.

We'll embark a compelling journey in the universe of this tireless political leader, almost fourty year after his death. This documentary will reconstruct the events and the thinking of one of the major 1900s Middle-Eastern figures, through unpublished material that will alternate with the testimony of people who have known him from near.

World reknown historians and researchers will help to relive the complex and legendary life of the man who became the eternal symbol of freedom for all the Kurdish people.

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