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Drama, Heist | English

A Firma

Fortitude International

Elenco e Tripulação


Seth Savoy


Byron Wetzel, Mike Ware, Lucas Jarach


Michael Shannon, Nick Robinson, Alex Pettyfer, Patrick Schwarzenegger

O Sumário

LANCE (Schwarzenegger) becomes entangled with a strange 'business' after complaining to his cousin, JACK (Alex Pettyfer), about struggling to find work. After Jack persuades Lance to meet his business partners, Lance discovers that Jack's 'associates' are actually members of a heist group. Among Jack's crew is ALLIE and MEL (Michael Shannon), who not only steal from the homes, but also hijack the owner's identities. At first, Lance is racked with guilt over the idea of stealing, however, Jack convinces him that it is their right to take from the wealthy. In his eyes, their generation was raised on false promises of success - landing them in a pile of debt. Buying into Jack's plot, Lance joins the crew. But will the team earn what they think they deserve, or take their vigilante justice too far?

Ano de Conclusão