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Flight on the Water

Flight on the Water

Drama | Japanese | 106 minutes

A Firma

TBS Glowdia, Inc.

Elenco e Tripulação


Atsushi Kangeshige


Ayami Nakajo, Yosuke Sugino, Nene Ohtsuka, Yoshiyuki Ozawa

O Sumário

Haruka had a bright future ahead of her as a promising athlete, but an unfortunate accident leaves her paraplegic. Facing defeat for the first time in her life, Haruka shuts herself off from the world, her future dreams lying in shatters. However, she meets a group of people who accepts handicaps as uniqueness, rather than a disability. Haruka had distanced herself from others, but through this encounter , she finds a new dream in the form of Para canoe, and against all odds, forges a new path for herself. This film is an original story created through the interactions of the screenwriter and an actual national representative of Japan for Para canoe.

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