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Ghett'a Life

Ghett'a Life

Action/Adventure, Drama, Thriller | English | 103 minutes

A Firma

Jinga Films

Elenco e Tripulação


Chris Browne


Chris Browne, Justine Henzall


Chris Browne


Chris Mcfarlane, Kevoy Burton, Lisa Williams, O'daine Clarke, Winston Bell

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Derrick, a ghetto teenager, dreams of being Jamaica’s next world boxing champion, but it’s election year and politics and tribal violence divide the country. His father, a loyal party supporter, forbids him from going to the boxing gym situated in a rival part of town. Derrick defiantly follows his heart but is confronted by the local "don" who threatens his family. Derrick refuses to give up and the ignorance of divisiveness soon give way to the triumph of unity.

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