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Hitter Twist

Hitter Twist

Action/Adventure | English | 130 minutes

A Firma

Dirt Merchants Films (Bed of Angels, Inc.)

Elenco e Tripulação


Henning Morales


Jeff McGrail


Henning Morales


Austyn Reale, Lydia Aberkane

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O Sumário


The Breakfeast Club meets The Sopranos meets Tony Robbins.

Based on a true story, this groundbreaking multiple-genre feature film, weaves together an inspirational journey, an intense young adult action adventure, and a fascinating 1980's crime story, with the backdrop of an electrifying music studio which cranks out one great song after another.

A teenage pot dealer and his fashion model jewelry smuggling girlfriend embark on a road to redemption and transformation but find it hard to shake their criminal business associates in the process.

An extraordinary true story chock full of dangerous shenanigans, supremely inspirational people, epic music and the pros and cons of shutting the hell up.

Although Hitter Twist is Volume 1 of 2, it is a complete feature film which stands on its own. Volume 2 is shot and in the can. These films are key components of the 11 volume Dirt Merchants Film Series.

Music by Drew Lane

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