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Ink & Steel

Ink & Steel

Thriller | English | 134 minutes

A Firma

California Pictures

Elenco e Tripulação


Jonathan Ehlers, Patrick Ward-Perkins


Jonathan Ehlers, Jason Radspinner, Patrick Ward-Perkins




Richard Fiske, Tyler Noble, Molly Ryman

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In this upstate New York drama, when a turf war engulfs the city, aging mob enforcer Michael retrieves the Don's troubled son from his college partying. After they survive an attempted hit on the road home, Michael seeks refuge at a rural farm, imposing on a single mother and her teenage son living there. As violence escalates in the city, Michael is ordered to wait it out, keeping the boss' son safe while coexisting as unwelcome house guests. But, when dark pasts threaten to collide, Michael, a man more comfortable solving problems with force, must find a way to keep the peace, and decide if he should break the Don's son free of the cycle of violence which has haunted the family for generations.

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