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Joker (based on the stories of Anton Chekhov)

Joker (based on the stories of Anton Chekhov)

Comedy | Russian | 62 minutes

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Elenco e Tripulação


Alexander Kaurykh, Sergei Okhotin


Sergei Okhotin


Sergei Okhotin, Alexander Kaurykh


Daria Scherbakova, Oleg Tolkunov

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The movie based on the stories of Anton Chekhov.

Maxim Salutov, a young man worthy of all praise, and being on the rise of his career, falls in love with Lelia, a girl beyond his own social class. Maxim plucks up his courage, overcomes his shyness and without any hope, opens his heart to Lelia. Hooray! She reciprocated. The bride agreed, so did the groom. It looks like their happiness is close. But… no such luck!

As usual, here comes interference from the relatives, both close and distant ones. Some are not happy with the social status and background of the groom. The others are content with everything, but it suddenly turns out that Maxim himself has and old “skeleton in the closet”. That skeleton is about to fall out to the public view, with a big help from Waldemar, a young-age buddy of Maxim. Waldemar is exactly that distant cousin, who has stepped onto a slippery slope of blackmailing.

Nobody knows what would be the outcome of this story for Maxim and Lelia. However, Georges, an old-time teacher and mentor of Maxim, suddenly meddles in the course of the events; while Maxim decides to make another painful confession of his own accord.

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