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Mavka. The Forest Song

Mavka. The Forest Song

Animation, Family | English, Ukrainian | 85 minutes

A Firma


Elenco e Tripulação


Alexandra Ruban


Egor Olesov, Iryna Kostyuk, Anna Eliseeva


Yaroslav Voytseshek

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O Sumário

Mavka is a sylvan nymph, born to be a guardian of the forest and to safeguard its Heart, the source of life itself, against any kind of intrusion, particularly on the part of humans.
But one day Mavka falls in love with a human being – a young musician Lukash. Right from the outset their union is pitted against formidable odds, but the obstacles to it loom even larger once the avaricious Evilyn arrives on the scene, for Evilyn harbors a secret scheme: to exploit Lukash and his love for Mavka in order to gain possession of the Heart of the Forest. Evilyn’s most powerful weapons are the anger and fear she is able to provoke in the hearts of the villagers. Ultimately, Mavka must make a choice between the man she loves, and the forest she is duty-bound to protect.

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