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An experimental horror short.

MOIRES describes the insidious nightmare of two young lovers who are about to discover the power of lie.

Selection / SITGES — International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia 2020
Selection / MOTELX — Lisbon International Horror Film Festival 2020

Selection / MoscowShorts International Film Festival 2019
Semi-Finalist / Roma Prisma Independent Film Festival 2020
Semi-Finalist / Dumbo Film Festival 2020

Tormented by the failure of her last book, a young writer decides to distance herself
from her publisher in spite of her lover's warnings. Soon after, a strange being
intrudes on the couple and ultimately reveals a sinister truth.

Produced by Fascinahouse.
Written & Directed by J.P. Bouix.

Cast: Mélina Ferné, Julien Chaudet & Candice Poitrey.

Ass.Dir: Antoine Gredai
Script Supervisor: Aurélie Delas
Original Soundtrack: Aristide Hersant-Prévert & Lou Corroyer
VFX Supervisor: Arnaud Grelaud
Render Artist: Thierry Bonneau
3D Animator: Damien Vincent
3D Model: Andrey Kravchenko
Sound design: Aristide Hersant-Prévert
Mix: Guillaume Tibi

English translation: Coralie Pilté
Chinese translation: Quentin Yueh-Yu Lee

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