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| Turkish | 93 minutes

A Firma

Arthood Entertainment GmbH

Elenco e Tripulação


Özgür Sevimli


Sevil Demirci


Özgür Sevimli


Cezmi Baskin, Meral Çetinkaya, Mine Teber, Kadim Yaşar

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O Sumário

Sabure and Murtaza live in a village up in the mountains of Malatya. Sabure has lost her vision years ago. Murtaza takes care of her. Their children live in Istanbul. One day Murtaza calls home from the grocer in town and hears that his daughter is ill. He retuns to the village but does not tell Sabure of her illness, and leaves for Istanbul on his own. Selvi, their daughter, dies that day. Murtaza keeps lying to Sabure and hides her death from her too. Sabure becomes increasingly withdrawn. A few month later, workers arrive to the village to pick apricots. With their arrival, Sabure’s agony becomes tangible. Murtaza is at a loss and keeps lying. With the workers gone, Sabure is again withdrawn from the world. She gives her last breath one evening. To ease his conscience, Murtaza buries her in secret.

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