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North of Albany

North of Albany

Drama | English, French | 107 minutes

A Firma

APL Film

Elenco e Tripulação


Marianne Farley


Benoit Beaulieu, Marianne Farley


Claude Brie, Marianne Farley


Zaneb Blanchet, Céline Bonnier, Rick Roberts

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O Sumário

Annie frantically flees Montreal for the US with her young son, Felix and teenage daughter, Sarah, fearing the repercussions after Sarah severely injures her school bully. When their car breaks down just outside a small town in the Adirondacks, the family is stranded. Paul, a single father and the town's lone mechanic, isn't able to fix the car until the following week. Annie's stubborn insistence to leave town at all costs comes head-to-head with Paul's unwillingness to give in. When Sarah realizes that her secret is out in the open, she runs away, forcing Annie and Paul to join forces to find her. When Paul's traumatic past is revealed, Annie realizes that she is not the only one running and comes to terms with facing the music.

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