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One Year Off

One Year Off

Comedy, Romantic Comedy | English | 90 minutes

A Firma

MSR Media International

Elenco e Tripulação


Philippe Martinez


Philippe Martinez, Alan Latham


Philippe Martinez, Kate Wood, Stewart Thomson


Nathalie Cox, Jeff Fahey, Chad Michael Collins, Ray Fearon, Evgeniya Akhremenko, Niki Spiridakos, Genevieve Capovilla, Lucas Livesey, Antonio Fargas

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O Sumário

Heartbroken Claire's wine-fueled post-breakup pity-party in London is crashed by her old friend Ben calling from New York. He's inherited his unknown father's gorgeous beachfront house and club in the Caribbean island of Nevis, West Indies, and he wants her and the old crew to join him for a week while he absorbs this news. In love with the island, and thrilled to be back together again like the good old days, they unanimously decide to stay for year-one year off to reset their lives. Working together, they host gorgeous beach weddings: the first, beginner's luck, the next a dismal failure. Suddenly, there's trouble in paradise. Can magical Nevis transform them and help old wounds heal and love blossom under the sun in this heartfelt comedy?

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