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Penny Bank

Penny Bank

Alternate Titles: Kumbara

| Turkish | 94 minutes

A Firma

Arthood Entertainment GmbH

Elenco e Tripulação


Ferit Karol


Nefes Polat


Ferit Karol, Serkan Fakılı


Murat Kiliç, Gülçin Kültür Şahın, Mert Ates, Onur Gökçek

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O Sumário

Orhan is a middle aged family man. As he takes care of his mother who went into a coma due the home accident, he also tries to pay off a remaining debt from his friend who has disappeared after Orhan vouched for him. In time he fells out with his family and loses his father role gradually, falling into tragicomic situations becomes a different man. A night that Orhan waits for his mother at hospital, life support unit connected to his mother, fails. Orhan who has a dilemma about whether to intervene in the incident, leads to the death of his mother. Did Orhan cause all the things who thought his mother's death would be better for everyone?

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