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Project Ithaca

Project Ithaca

Science-Fiction, Thriller | English | 84 minutes

A Firma

Film Mode Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Nicholas Humphries


Anthony Artibello, Jason Ross Jallet, James Milligan


Anthony Artibello, Kevin C. Bjerkness


James Gallanders, Deragh Campbell, Daniel Fathers, Alex Woods, Caroline Raynaud

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O Sumário

Five strangers awaken to find themselves trapped aboard an alien mothership that seems to be harnessing their terror and emotions to power the ship. They begin to understand that this alien species has been abducting humans for decades…and possibly centuries. Among the group is a young woman who is sent to the ship by the US Military to destroy the mothership. After the grisly murder of one of their fellow prisoners, the group must learn to work together to escape and find a way home.

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