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Reggie: A Millennial Depression Comedy

Reggie: A Millennial Depression Comedy

Alternate Titles:

Comedy, Drama | English | 120 minutes

A Firma

HafCaf Productions

Elenco e Tripulação


Jacques Belliveau


Chris Wymbs, Bryan Wymbs, Ariella Sanchez, Jacques Belliveau


Jacques Belliveau


Gary Busey, Spose, Monique Marvez, Jacques Belliveau

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O Sumário

"Reggie" follows Mitch who, after yet another breakup, gets intervened on by his closest friends and steered towards therapy as an option to break his various self-sabotaging cycles. He agrees to try seeing a therapist but his problems with communication, fear, and overall stubbornness cause frustration to mount. So, he does what any logical man would do. While particularly frustrated in the waiting area pre-session, he sees a pamphlet for therapy animals and immediately leaves and adopts a miniature horse that has dwarfism and anxiety issues from a farm run by Gary Busey (yes, that Gary Busey).

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