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Silent Partners

Silent Partners

Drama | English | 58 minutes

A Firma

Ciro Dapagio Productions

Elenco e Tripulação


Jorge Jokes Yanes


Ciro Dapagio


J Bishop, Ciro Dapagio, Jorge Jokes Yanes


Ciro Dapagio, James Russo, Nick Vallelonga, Antoni Corone, Ronnie Marmo, Joseph D’Onofrio, Garry Pastore

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O Sumário

Set in 1980’s Silent Partners is based on true events and tells the unbelievable and story of Gambino Captain “Fat Dave" Iacovetti family. Fat Dave moved to Florida and established a powerful empire in the area’s burgeoning organized crime scene. He remained largely underground for a decade, letting his crew do most of his public work, before eventually facing racketeering charges in 1988, when he and four other Gambino family members were arrested in Broward County, Florida. Shot in Ft. Lauderdale and set in the 1980s.

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