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A Firma

Fortitude International

Elenco e Tripulação


Michael Mailer


Lucas Jarach, Rob Barnum, Nadine de Barros


Vojin Gjaja


Michael Shannon, Alexander Ludwig, Charles Melton

O Sumário

After a devastating loss, much of a collegiate men’s rowing team decides they are done with the sport for good. Even the coaches son, ALEX (Ludwig), had called it quits until his friend convinces him and his new roommate CHRIS (Melton) to stay on the team. With help from the new coach, COACH MURPHY (Shannon) the oarsmen are back this season and ready for vengeance.

But will it be enough to overcome obstacles in their path? Tension quickly builds between the head coaches. Plus drunken mistakes at college parties create a complicated romantic entanglement for the crew. As the season progresses, boundaries become murky and relationships are tested. The team must fight to pull together and win, even when their key players are tearing the group apart.

Ano de Conclusão