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The Bastard Sons

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The Bastard Sons

Action/Adventure, Heist | English | 92 minutes

A Firma

Princ Films

Elenco e Tripulação


Kevin Interdonato


Peter Dobson, Charles Malik Whitfield


Glenn Rodriguez


Al Sapienza, Charles Malik Whitfield, Anastasia Ganias, Frankie Edgar

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O Sumário

Life for a crew of organized criminals is disrupted when Vincent Damiano’s father, the
family’s boss, is murdered. Vincent’s ‘bastard’ brothers (UFC legend Frank Edgar,
Chicago Med star Malik Whitfield), a group of orphaned souls he raised together, have
an idea of who killed their father…his partner Rome (TV/Film veteran Al Sapienza). In a
valiant and calculated attempt to regain the business and enact vengeance on Rome
over the course of one day, the Bastards wage an all out war in order to get their pound of

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