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The Final Round

The Final Round

Documentary | English | 110 minutes

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Shake The Tree Productions, LLC

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In the 1980s boxing was one of America's favorite sports, but behind the scenes, controversy and untold truths marred a legacy.

Robert W. Lee, the co-founder of the International Boxing Federation, finally breaks his silence on his experience during a controversial time in the history of American Boxing. This story unmasks the unspeakable injustices he endured after being implicated during a sting operation, his resulting refusal to testify against controversial boxing promoter Don King, and the numerous trumped-up charges that followed. A series of events that left him blackballed from the sport he loved. The documentary will take onlookers on a journey through his highs and lows. From being the first African American police officer in Scotch Plains, NJ and President of the International Boxing Federation, to being an inmate at a correctional facility and suffering an illness that left him blind.

The Final Round unapologetically unmasks the deficiencies in the U.S. justice system and how it is used to derail the dreams and goals of African American men. It will take onlookers on a journey through a romanticized period in sports history exploring the challenges of Robert W. Lee an African American man sitting at the helm of one of the top boxing organizations in the world.

A Legacy Forgotten

A S T O R Y T H A T N E E D S T O B E T O L D . . .

The co-founder of the International Boxing Federation, Robert W. Lee was the first African American to lead a sports organization in the United States. Unfortunately, his legacy was compromised because he refused to testify against boxing promoter Don King.

The Final Round is relevant because of the history of injustice committed against African American men in the United States, especially when they achieve any measure of nationwide success. In many cases, when an African American excels in his field, they often become a target of bogus charges, innuendos, and character assassinations, until they are ostracized from their positions, their communities, and their families. This documentary will unearth the dark truth about this pivotal time in U.S. Boxing history.

Follow the life and times of this iconic man as he prepares for his final round.

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