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The Golden Beehive

The Golden Beehive

Animation, Family, Mystery | Russian | 85 minutes

A Firma

SMF (Soyuzmultfilm)

Elenco e Tripulação


Andrey Zhitkova


Lika Blank, Boris Mashkovtsev, Yulia Osetinskaya


Darya Dontsova, Andrey Zhitkova

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O Sumário

Small seaside town Honey Hills is getting ready for Day of the Town celebration. A unique artefact The Golden Beehive is going to be presented to everyone on this special occasion. According to the legend, Honey Hills will suffer thousands of misfortunes should the Beehive go missing. And, That is exactly what happens - the Beehive has been stolen! A young Chirp the Squirrel is accused - the Mayor himself saw how he did it. However, wise detective Sophie the Owl doesn’t believe that her assistant is guilty.

Ano de Conclusão