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The Great Hip Hop Hoax

The Great Hip Hop Hoax

Documentary | English | 88 minutes

A Firma

Kaleidoscope Film Distribution

Elenco e Tripulação


Jeanie Finlay


Al Morrow


__ __


Gavin Bain, Billy Boyd

O Sumário

The USA, the land of hip hop music and making it big, gave birth to the Californian duo Silibil n’ Brains, a partnership set to hit the big time and take the music industry by storm. However, what the hoards of fans, high-up execs and people from all over the world didn’t know was… it was all a hoax!

A story of made-up identity, cover -ups and desperation tells us how two down to earth Scottish lads became the face of American hip hop, tearing their lives apart as they are thrust from the Highlands straight into the limelight.

Showing us how to fake it with style, The Great Hip Hop Hoax is the step by step of how to get rich, or how you have to try lying…

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