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Union Bound

Union Bound

Drama | English | 103 minutes

A Firma

High Octane Pictures

Elenco e Tripulação


Harvey Lowry


Michael Davis, Joshua Zabar


John Errington


Sean Stone, Randy Wayne, Tank Jones, Isaac C. Singleton Jr., Rusty Martin Sr., Christian Fortune, Trish Cook, Dave Blamy, Tye Banks, Nicole Burgess, Preston Campbell, Morgan A. Coston, Solomon Gibson III, Barbette Hunter, Dakota Lee, Zachary Lowry, Izzy Milone, Sherry Morris, Cactus Moser, Willie Raysor, Kathy Butler Sandvoss, Drew Seeley, Michael Seeley, Brian Smith, Jason Van Eman, Matthew Ziff, William Conklin

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O Sumário

Sargent Hoover went to war to preserve the Union. After being captured and sent to a prisoner of war camp, he understood what it was to be kept against his will. Together with a friend, he escaped and aided by slaves made it to freedom.

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