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Thriller | English

A Firma

Film Mode Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska


Michael Napoliello, Ted Field

O Sumário

During a mysterious night in 1975, a university student (CASE) conducts an experimental test on a young blind woman (ADA) as part of his study on dreams of the visually impaired. After a startling failure, his test equipment short-circuits, causing a brief blackout. Later that night, Case and his free-spirited girlfriend (DAWN), are awoken by the disturbing sounds of screams and car crashes. Their confusion quickly turns to fear when they realize they have woken up completely blind. When the wrenching sounds of their elderly neighbor being mauled, sets them in a panic to escape, they quickly find that their nightmare is shared and everyone in town is now blind, with one exception... Ada can now see. Forced to rely solely on their other senses, Case and Dawn must now navigate blindly through the dangerous streets to find Ada and solve this strange phenomenon, all while avoiding hungry creatures and other hostile survivors.

Based on the award-winning, audio-only video game "BlindSide"

Ano de Conclusão