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Alternate Titles: Jia Hai Zhe, Bei Hai Ren

Drama | Chinese | 108 minutes

A Firma

Hishow Entertainment

Elenco e Tripulação


Layla JI


Lu HUANG, Remon LIM, Kahoe HON, Xianjun FU, Wilson HSU

O Sumário

The brutal death of a teenager boy Gangzi inflames the social media. Gangzi’s

impoverished mother Gu, and the murderer Chen’s wealthy Mei, who finds it hard to

believe her gentle son would commit such a vicious crime, both resolve to protect their

children and seek for the truth, while the media and the public have already made their

judgement. Meanwhile, Qianmo, the new girl in Gangzi’s school, seems to have

something on her mind…

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