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Viking 2

Viking 2

Action/Adventure | Russian | 45 minutes

A Firma

Russian World Vision

Elenco e Tripulação


Stas Mareev


Olga Polesitsky, Igor Marin, Rodion Pavlyuchik


Kamil Zakirov


Nina Kurpyakova, Eugene Sidikhin

O Sumário

Young investigator Denis Shevelkov is transferred to investigation
department of a small town where his bride lives.
He immediately gets the case of Navy officer murder. It turns
out that the deceased was smuggling weapons in conjunction
with the local mafia, and the gangsters killed him on suspicion
of undermining the warehouse with the goods. But in fact, the
warehouse was blown up by the elusive fighter against evil, so
called Viking. Everybody thinks that he died many years ago,
but he continues the fight against banditry on his own way.

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