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Supernatural Thriller | English | 84 minutes

A Firma

Film Seekers Limited

Elenco e Tripulação


Thom Arizmendi, Austin Parks Stewart


Nick Feild, Daniel Smith


Elizabeth H. Vu


Fivel Stewart, Susan Reno

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O Sumário

Lake Reed is an actress with a string of lackluster accomplishments under her belt. After blowing countless auditions, her agent threatens to drop her if she does not land a role. Her eyes are set on the lead role in a major classic movie remake.

Lake tracks down Corin Abel who starred in the original film for advice. Corin is now a paraplegic recluse after a tragic accident took her mobility half a decade ago.

As Lake learns from her insightful experience, strange things happen involving macabre images and violent visions that suggest Corin’s acting methods may not be as innocent as they first seem.

Lake is torn between her determination to land this role and her fear for her life. Is it a role worth dying for?
With fantastic performances from Fivel Stewart and Susan Reno, WAKE is a nerve wreaking movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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