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While We Were Here

While We Were Here

Romance | English | 83 minutes

A Firma

Arclight Films

Elenco e Tripulação


Kat Coiro


Lauren Bratman


Kat Coiro


Kate Bosworth, Jamie Blackley, Claire Bloom, Iddo Goldberg

O Sumário

JANE (Kate Bosworth) and her husband LEONARD (Iddo Goldberg) travel to Naples where Leonard is playing viola with the local orchestra -- hoping to reinvigorate their silently disintegrating marriage and escape a personal tragedy that hangs heavily between them. Jane, left alone most days, wanders the streets listening to tapes she made of interviews with her grandmother, seeking inspiration to finish a book based on the old recordings. Facing writer's block, she takes a day trip to stunning Ischia, where she meets CALEB (Jamie Blackley), a young American leading a hermetic life on the island. As the two embark on an unlikely affair, Jane's carefully constructed world begins to crack open.

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