Cosmic Sin

Cosmic Sin

Science-Fiction | English


The Exchange

Актеры и исполнители


Corey Large, Edward Drake


Corey Large


Bruce Willis, Frank Grillo


After Earth receives an ominous message from an alien civilization, the leaders of Earth’s Alliance must decide if they are peaceful or if the planet should prepare for war. A disgraced war-hero, Ford (Bruce Willis) is called upon to lead a squad of elite soldiers to an alien-inhabited planet, Ellora, to find the coordinates of their home world. Along with sharpshooter Braxton Ryle, the mysterious Dash, and cunning Dr. Lea Goss, Ford makes a daring orbital drop from a starship into the forests of Ellora, compromising much of crew in the process. After the squad lands, Ford gathers the remaining soldiers and heads deep into the heart of the alien-held territory. Dr. Goss has discovered that the aliens are creating a biological portal back to their home world. If they hope to save humankind, Ford and Dash must lead the ragtag band against an army of alien soldiers and destroy the portal.

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