Legitimate Wise Guy

Legitimate Wise Guy

Biography, Drama, Heist | English


The Exchange

Актеры и исполнители


George Gallo


Richard Salvatore, Nicholas Celozzi


Nicholas Celozzi


Ruby Rose, Emile Hirsch, Harvey Keitel


It’s the early 1980s and young Nicki sets out to become a famous actor. His dear Uncle Tony, one of the most feared enforcers ever to come out of Chicago and who now oversees the “skim” at Mob controlled Las Vegas casinos, plans to help him. Using his uncle’s connections, Nicki begins a journey that takes him from Chicago to Vegas, Hollywood to Hawaii, and back again as he lives the glitzy Hollywood lifestyle. But Nicki walks a path fraught with egomaniacs, sex, brutal beatings, car bombings, shakedowns, skimming, double crosses and murder— blithely unaware that everything he’s been given comes with a hefty price.

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