One Son

One Son

| | 90 minutes


Green Light LLC.

Актеры и исполнители


Kenji TANI


Ryoma BABA, Yuki TAMASHIRO, Tomohisa YUGE, Chisaki MIKI, Ayame MIZUSAKI, Keiko TAKESHITA



Itsuki working at a video production company thinks that it’s natural that he has a father. On the other hand, Ayumu works as a remover, thinking that life without a father is a matter of course. Itsuki gets a phone call that his father falls down. Itsuki was not that close but his father is an irreplaceable existence for him, so he comes back to his home town to visit a hospital to see his father.

Itsuki knows his father doesn’t have much time; meanwhile, an insurance company contacts him and tells Itsuki that there is another recipient of heritage, called Ayumu. Itsuki begins to investigate Ayumu, and Itsuki knows the secret of his birth.

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