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Suicide Forest Village

Suicide Forest Village

Horror, Thriller | Japanese | 116 minutes


Toei Company, Ltd.

Актеры и исполнители


Takashi Shimizu


Muneyuki Kii


The setting is the famous ‘Sea of Trees’ on the flank of Mount Fuji, Japan’s most widely known ‘suicide spot’. Here Japan’s horror maestro, director Takashi Shimizu,spins a tale of madness and confusion featuring a deadly ‘Catch the Child’ Box, for which the internet warns not to search.

Ancient, powerful and terrifying curse was sealed deeply in a creepy and huge ”Jukai”: an ocean of trees. -13 years later… Two sisters, Hibiki and Naki discover many missing cases happened in and out of Jukai. Are they meant to be there, or does some evil spiritual power draw them? Hibiki with a strong spiritual sense, along with her sister and their childhood friends find an ominous box by chance. Ever since they touched it, a spiral of mysterious accidents and deaths start to occur around them. The terrors are just to be unleashed.

Director: Takashi Shimizu (Howling Village, The Grudge)

Production Year: 2021

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