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The Reward

The Reward

Alternate Titles: A Quite Storm

Drama | English | 98 minutes


California Pictures



Aurora Williams is a 17-year-old girl living with her parents in the
New Orleans neighborhood known locally as the 9th Ward. A
talented young pianist, Aurora is on the verge of leaving for
college to study music when she discovers her cousin Tyrell is
responsible for a heinous high-profile murder. Soon, Aurora
faces a dire conundrum - turning Tyrell in is obviously the proper
thing to do, but societal conventions and family loyalties
complicate an already tense situation... Nobody wants to be
branded "a snitch" in the tight-knit community of the 9th Ward.
With a large reward at stake and the police closing in on Tyrell,
Aurora must decide if she is willing to risk the safety of her
family in order to do what is right.

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