The Spiritualization of Jeff Boyd

The Spiritualization of Jeff Boyd

Action/Adventure, Black Comedy, Drama | English | 110 minutes


True Art Films

Актеры и исполнители


Uwe Schwarzwalder


Uwe Schwarzwalder


Uwe Schwarzwalder


Uwe Schwarzwalder, Julian Booth


Notorious Jeff Boyd goes on a spiritual quest after escaping a mental institution to start over and find meaning. He travels to Australia where his friend Morton helps him to get a hold of his life, but after being robbed and tricked by suspicious characters in the Outback, he’s had it and tries to find his luck with a monk in the Balkan mountains who gives workshops to become enlightened. Jeff’s being followed by Prisha, a guru’s daughter from India he had a short encounter with at the bakery, who joins the workshop to Jeff’s surprise. The two fall in love and discover that they need each other and leave the workshop to go to India where Prisha’s father is expecting them, but Jeff and Prisha find themselves fighting against intrigues and mistrust in the community where they want to start a new life - and Jeff’s past demons.

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