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Hailing Cesar

Hailing Cesar

Documentary, True Story | English, Spanish | 60 minutes


Global Genesis Group



Hailing Cesar is a very timely and emotional documentary seen from the eyes of Eduardo Chavez, grandson of the civil rights activist Cesar Chavez.

This is a ROGER & ME for the new generation. Hailing Cesar is a moving documentary similar in style to Michael Moore's work. Eduardo, who is not only Cesar Chavez grandson but is also the director of this film, embarks on a journey to connect with his grandfather's legacy by working as a farm-worker, and picking grapes in the field like his father and grandfather before him. He also joins protests in Sacramento, and helps graffiti artists redo street art in Los Angeles that celebrates the larger-than-life Cesar Chavez. Through this personal quest, Eduardo learns about Ceasar Chavez's plight to create equality for farm-workers while deeply connecting with his father to truly understand Cesar Chavez's legacy as a family man, leader, worker and hero.

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