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If I Were Rich

If I Were Rich

Alternate Titles: Si Yo Fuera Rico

Comedy | Spanish | 98 minutes





Alvaro Fernandez Armero


Ghislain Barrois, Ricardo Marco Bude, Sandra Hermida, Eneko Lizarraga, Paloma Molina, Ignacio Salazar-Simpson, Francisco Sanchez


Alvaro Fernandez Armero, Tom Fernandez, Angela Armero


Alex Garcia, Adrian Lastra, Alexandra Jimenez, Paula Echevarria



Santi is having a rough time of it. Not only has he been unemployed for a long time, but his wife, Maite, has just filed for divorce. To top it all off, Santi suspects that Maite is interested in her boss at the supermarket where she works, Mario, a handsome man with money, who's trying to seduce her. Desperate and unsure what to do, Santi buys a lottery ticket, convinced that his poverty is the source of all his problems... And wins 20 million euros!

From one day to the next Santi's life changes: suddenly he has an absolute fortune! But his financial advisor recommends he doesn't tell his wife until their divorce is finalised, that way he won't have to share his win with her, or his friends, or anyone! Santi starts to enjoy his newfound wealth, while at the same time accepting a job in the supermarket that Mario offers him out of charity. Santi starts to lead a double life. His friends and Maite still believe he's just a humble worker without a penny to his name, but unbeknownst to them, Santi is living the life of Riley, spending his money on all kinds of luxuries, as he learns how to be rich and enjoy it.

However, despite what he thought, being a millionaire isn't the same as being happy...

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